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By now, everyone knows the classic Christmas books, right? We’re talking The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, The Night Before Christmas, A Christmas Carol… Well, we’re here to recommend some hidden gems and new festive classics that you absolutely can’t miss out on! There are some familiar names on this list, and maybe a couple that you haven’t encountered before.

We know that Christmas might look a bit different for everyone this year, so sending a thoughtful gift is the perfect way to treat a loved one. So this year for Christmas, why not try building your own book box with us?

We have lots of festive reading favourites, and gifts to make it extra special! Get ready for a list of books that we think you, and the little bookworms in your life, will love. We’ve also suggested some treats to enjoy alongside them. After all, Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year… to snuggle up and read a book!

The Twelve Days of Christmas – Alex T. Smith

This is a humorous take on the original song that all ages will love! Grandma’s presents may start off somewhat sensibly (one partridge is probably pretty easy to look after), but things soon start to get out of hand in the best way… Alex T. Smith’s glorious illustrations complement his witty tale perfectly, it’s a must-have!

You can purchase The Twelve Days of Christmas: Grandma is Overly Generous from our online shop! If you’re looking to make this gift extra special (and you don’t need to be Grandma to do this!) We recommend including Milk Chocolate Coins, a PLAYin Choc Christmas box, and some Large Colourful Crayons! 

The Christmasaurus – Tom Fletcher

This charming story follows a young boy named William Trundle on his adventure to the North Pole. He’s hoping to meet Santa, but ends up discovering a dinosaur along the way! This is the North Pole like you’ve never seen it before, a place where elves speak in rhymes and have silly names like Snozzletrump, Santa’s sleigh is powered by vinyl records, and most unique of all, William’s new dinosaur friend, who wants to be a reindeer more than anything else in the world.

You can purchase The Christmasaurus from our online shop! If you’re looking to make this gift extra special, we recommend including the Prehistoric Land Projector Torch, a PLAYin Choc Dinosaur box, and a Handmade Candy Cane.


Grandpa Christmas – Michael Morpurgo

Every Christmas, Mia and her parents read a letter which her Grandpa wrote to her. He talks of the fond memories they share of learning all about the nature in his garden, but Mia’s Grandpa is worried. He worries for the Earth, and what is happening to it. He wishes for a better world for Mia. A world full of animals and plants and the beauties of nature. This is a heartfelt story of family and loved ones, which also serves as a timely reminder of what is happening to our planet.

You can purchase Grandpa Christmas from our online shop! If you’re looking to make this gift extra special, we recommend including a Handmade Candy Cane (or another sweet festive treat), our Deer Matchbox Notepad, and our Panda Colouring Pencils, so that whoever receives this gift might just be inspired to write their own Christmas letter (and who knows – they might even send it to you!)

Winter Magic anthology – ed. Abi Elphinstone

This anthology boasts beautiful and unique stories from some of the finest children’s writers of recent years. Expect stories from: Abi Elphinstone, Katherine Woodfine, Piers Torday and lots more. There’s a short story for every taste in here, whether you’re interested in reading about frost fairs, snow queens, or even a snow dragon! These short and sweet stories tackle some sad or scary topics, but in a way that is still full of wonder and love for the Winter season! 

Our Fairy Tale Dice Game and Handmade Candy Cane would work perfectly as additional gifts for this book. 

Frost – Holly Webb

Her neighbours all complain about the foxes hanging around the flat where Cassie lives, close to the River Thames. But Cassie quite likes them. She even names her favourite, white the white tail tip, Frost.

When Cassie spots Frost out at night, she decides to sneak downstairs and feed him. But Frost is acting strangely, and seems to want Cassie to follow her somewhere…
This is a beautifully atmospheric tale of discovery and adventure, perfect for a winter’s evening…

You can purchase Frost from our online shop! If you’re looking to make this gift extra special, we recommend including a Dairy Free White Chocolate Snowman, Astronomy Kaleidoscope and Glow in the Dark Stars, to bring some of that midnight magic that Cassie discovers inside!

The Night After Christmas – Kes Gray

Kes Gray always delivers on humour and entertainment in his picture books, and this one is no different! If you’ve ever wondered what Santa Claus gets up to after all the presents are delivered then look no further! This is a great rhyming picture book, and is packed full of gorgeous illustrations by Claire Powell. 

Our Dairy Free Chocolate Santa or PLAYin Choc Christmas box would work perfectly as an additional gift for this book.

The Miracle on Ebenezer Street – Catherine Doyle

This is a fascinating reimagining of A Christmas Carol, set in modern day London. George and his Dad are about to spend their third Christmas without George’s Mum. Life has felt so dull and cold since she died, and George has become a shadow of who he once was.

George is walking one day, and stumbles across a very strange shop indeed, Marley’s Curiosity Shop. In this shop, he discovers a peculiar snow globe that shows George a very familiar scene. A Christmas past, when he was happy and his Mum was alive.That night, George and his Dad are taken on an adventure to three Christmases – past, present and future. Will this adventure, and just a touch of magic, be the push they need to start living their lives to the fullest again?

You can purchase The Miracle on Ebenezer Street from our online shop! If you’re looking to make this gift extra special, we recommend including Milk Chocolate Coins (a Scrooge favourite!), along with our Colourful Chalk Sticks or Large Colourful Crayons, to help whoever receives this bring some more colour into their life – just like George.

Well, we hope that’s given you plenty of inspiration for some wonderfully unique gifts!

Don’t forget to take a peek at our Christmas gifting page, where you’ll find some of the books we just mentioned, and plenty of classic Christmas stories to suit any reader. We also have a Build a Book Box with lots of other books, if you’d rather steer clear of Christmas books. Did someone say BAH HUMBUG? We hope not!