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January is here, there’s a chill in the air (maybe even some snow), and the Christmas and New Year period is officially over. We’re all spending quite a bit more time inside, but there are still plenty of fun things to do. Here at the Magic Storybox we aim to inspire young minds through activities and books, so we’ve got a few suggestions that can be appropriate for all age ranges which encourage outdoor play (if you can safely do so), creative writing, art projects, and much more… 


Sensory Seasons

Why not make a sensory box of nature items, discover new sounds, colours and textures? You could also read a storybook based around nature or exploring and use the sensory items to create an immersive experience!

Outdoor Art

Use the collected items to also make some nature prints! Dip different types of leaves, twigs, seeds etc in colourful paints and use them to decorate a huge piece of paper.

short stories

    Why not write a short story or comic strip based around the best book you’ve read recently?

    1. Imagine them living in your world, what would they do, what would you tell them about, what would their favourite place be?

    2. Imagine what happens after the story ends.

    3. Imagine yourself in the story, how do you feel?

    Pair it Up

    Create a matching pairs game based around: sports, books, animals, seasons, nature, numbers, colours. You can draw the pictures together or print them off.

    instant acrobatics

    Make an agility test in your house with pillows, a bed, sofa, blankets and anything else you can find! It can be as big or small as you want. If the weather is okay, you can try making one outside instead: slalom around trees, hopscotch made from twigs or chalk on the pavement, practising cartwheels, crawling on your belly etc…

    meet the stone people!

    Stone painting is fun – and so easy too! If you want to try something a bit different, paint stones with different facial features (eyes, lips, hair, eyebrows etc) and see what kinds of funny stone people appear. Maybe you can give them a name too?

    cool coding 

    Learning some simple code is a fun way to explore the wonderful (and sometimes overwhelming) world of coding! has loads of resources and different activities to explore. 

    feed the birds

      Make a milk bottle or carton bird feeder box and wait to see what birds (or other animals) you can spot having a snack. Do you know their names? Maybe you can look up their names online and find out some fun facts about them? Here are a few facts to get you started!

      nature journal

        Create a nature journal and note down what you find:

        1. Collect petals from seasonal flowers like snowdrops, primroses or daffodils

        2. Collect some fallen leaves

        3. Make sketches of the flowers and leaves

        4. Take a rubbing with a crayon or pencil of interesting leaves or tree bark

        let’s celebrate!

        January is full of celebrations from all around the world such as: Twelfth Night, Wassailing, Lohri, Burns Night, Tu B’Shevat. Why not learn more about these celebrations by clicking on each link, or come up with your own personal January holiday for you and your family to celebrate! Maybe you can even create your own special festive foods too?

        look up

        The night sky is beautiful all year round, and in January you can spot: the Wolf Moon on January 28th and constellations like: Orion, Canis Major, Ursa Major, Ursa Minor

        We hope that’s given you plenty of inspiration for this month! Our first ever Magic Storybox is going to be launching very soon, and we can’t wait to share even more fun and unique activities and excellent books with you in our monthly subscription boxes!